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Not all meat is created equal. What gets put into an animal is directly related to the nutrition of the meat consumed. Studies have shown numerous, measurable benefits of pasture raised livestock and livestock with a more natural diet...

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"I was surprised on how delicious this chicken was. It tasted extremely fresh and when I received the chicken in the mail it was still frozen. That's a good thing since I ordered it from Texas and I live in Florida. I'd definitely recommend these guys and I'm definitely going to ordered again." -Bryan, Florida

Bryan, Florida

"Had chicken shipped up to Washington state. Me and my wife absolutely enjoyed good farm raised chicken. Will definitely be ordering again."

Jonathan, Washington

"I have loved this page so much this past month of quarantine! I absolutely enjoy learning about life on the farm, and Sixth Day Ranch teaches/informs so well! I recommend their YouTube Channel as well!!!"

Sadie, Texas

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