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Ever Wonder Who We Are?

“And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so.”

Genesis 1:24

Our Mission

We are a small farm and homestead located in the GREAT state of Texas. We are currently in our early stages of growing into our future ranch! We are like many other farmers that have a HUGE passion for farm-to-table food, sustainable living and homesteading. We will accomplish this through diligence and responsible stewardship of God’s creation!


Our biggest driver in life and on our farm is faith. Steven and I have been serving in various ministries for several years now. We have also served in children’s ministry since 2015! We never thought that we would have been called to serve kids in the church but it has been the most rewarding experience! Although it does consume a TON of our free time, we take pride in knowing we are doing God’s work – everything else comes second.


I’m Dorthie!

I am just your typical farm girl that wants all the animals she can possibly have, even if some of those animals don’t have a farm purpose! But, we all know that is not practical when you are trying to have a successful farm! Although, I really think alpacas should join us! ( I’m still working on my husband to agree with me!)

Besides just me, there is this tall, handsome, and bearded guy I call my husband! But you guys can just call him Steven! We have two AMAZING boys, Devin and Mason, that are our whole world!

Together we all have a big dream of growing our modest farm into a large ranch with focus on Farm to Table – all while sharing the process with you guys!


We are a small farm with a variety of animals!

As of now we have laying hens, ducks, Boer goats, broiler(meat) chickens and heritage pigs!! I am so excited to see how our farm grows and what the future holds!

A common question we get from folks: How do you have the time to take care of these animals? Is it hard?

Well, the answer is, we do stay VERY busy around here. It’s a lot of work even with our modest sized farm. At times it is trying, but in the end we have the satisfaction of feeding our family and yours with quality meat from healthy animals. The truth is we LOVE the process even when times are tough.


Our biggest priority is making sure we give all of our animals the best life that they can possibly have! That means quality food, CLEAN environments, and a lot of love. Let’s face it, a happy animal with a good life makes for high quality, healthy and DELICIOUS food for our family and yours. We take pride in knowing where our food comes from, and we take the responsibility to steward these animals seriously!


Another popular question we get asked a lot is: Where did we come up with a name like Sixth Day Ranch?

Its simple!! On the sixth day in Genesis, God created all livestock, creatures, and beasts. That same day, Man was created and was given rule over the livestock (Genesis 1:24-31). With that, it has become not only the name for our ranch, but the verse we want to follow! We want to provide our farm animals with the best life we can possibly give them WHILE fulfilling God’s role in our lives.


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